JOLLY TEXTILE started its activities in Istanbul in 1988. In the garment workshop of 300 people set up in Manisa in accordance with the necessity that has been formed, Turkish Armed Forces and Security Directorate has been providing various training clothes, cold clothes, raincoat, backpack, except for the production of temporary village guards' clothes. Since 1996, the beginning of seamless Bosnia beret as Turkey has been the only company to offer the market by imported products. Since 2007, it has been continuing its production with a monthly capacity of 125 000 units in its own factory which is established in Romania. In time, ─░NTURKEY manufacturer with Africa, the Middle East, has continued to pursue its activities with the principle of being a strong trade bridge between the Far East and Europe. JOLLY always offering the most lucrative offers and the best service for customers, so customer for Textile in Turkey is seen as the best manufacturer and the most preferred company. Algeria, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Syria, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Canada, Bangladesh, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States, , Iran, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Turkish Republic of Cyprus, Afghanistan and many other countries.

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